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Ashley D. Kelley, who does the solo in "Season's of Love," delivers another phenomenal vocal performance. We're talkin' wow. As Kelley demonstrates, this is a production that blurs the line between lead and ensemble.
-Jeanné McCartin for Spotlight Magazine (Rent)

The "show stopping solo" belongs to Ashley D. Kelly as Sylvia, the African-American in love with white guy and longtime friend "Natalie's dad." It's more than Kelly's exceptional pipes. It's skill for impassioned delivery, whether singing a light or heart-wrenching piece. Her solo "There's Always Me," lit the house on fire. Add to that skillful acting — you've got a natural scene stealer.

-Jeanné McCartin for Spotlight Magazine (All Shook Up)

Impishly grinning and full of life, Ashley Kelley's Sister Mary Hubert leads the rousing, crowd-clapping gospel-inspired "Holier Than Thou" that ends the show.
-Bill Rodriguez for The Providence Phoenix  (Nunsense)

When Ashley Kelley (Matron) is on stage, there is nothing she can do wrong in this production. Without question, Kelley knows how to grab hold of the audience and never let go.
-Michael J. Tobin for Broadway World (Chicago)

Rounding out the group are the strict yet hilarious vice principal and the host he adores, Rona Lisa Peretti played by Ashley Kelley, whose charisma and charm are impossible to deny. Though her character is no longer a competitor in the spelling bee circuit, Kelley’s place on the stage seems so natural and her voice so warm that she is one of the brightest stars of the show.
-The Wire NH (Spelling Bee)

Ashley Kelley (Georgie) is a powerhouse actress with Broadway vocals.
-Michael J. Tobin for Broadway World (Full Monty)

A standout in this company is Ashley Kelley who, when she sings, looks a bit like Loretta Devine and sounds like no one else I can recall. Her enthralling version of "Saved" almost beats her moving and gentle edition of "Fools Fall In Love." Her comic "Hound Dog" is just as about as good as it gets. This woman is an asset to this production like no other. I found myself just waiting for her next number, even a duet or trio, just to watch her work and feel the joy that she clearly brings onto the stage with her.
-J. Peter Bergman for the Berkshire Bright Focus (Smokey Joe’s Café)

Ashley Kelley, who plays Sister Mary Hubert, has an impressive powerful voice and sings “Holier Than Thou” with enough strength and enthusiasm to have the audience clapping along with her.
-The Westerly Sun (Nunsense)

 "Five exceptional performers...The ladies put their own stamp on songs made famous by Nell Carter, Charlayne Woodard and Armelia McQueen on Broadway in 1978. In particular, Kelley's heartbreaking "Mean To Me". And in the sexy "Honeysuckle Rose", she and Rod Singleton turn the heat up from preheat to 450 degrees in about four minutes."

Edith Decker The Daily Courier